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“The benefit of the on-demand model is that all the information is in one location. If I go to another location and need to check on something, I just log in and it’s right there.”

—Tom Resch, AgStar Financial Services

Discover a simpler path to connectivity.

In much the same way that your staff needs to interact with each other, your WebEquity software needs to interact with other software. We make this integration process extremely efficient through our core set of Web Services Integrations.

Integration made easier.

The WebEquity Web Services Integration (WSI) allows for simplified and direct integration between the WebEquity infrastructure and other systems such as core banking systems, CRM solutions, credit reporting applications and loan document systems. This approach eliminates the need for your staff to make duplicate data entries and tedious transactions. At the same time, WSI's improve the accuracy and security of data such as customer demographics and loan information that is transferred between systems.

The key to entry.

Our WSI provides a doorway that gives you access to the WebEquity application and its data, so that you can seamlessly integrate with outside systems. However, you must be granted the right to gain this access. Essentially we give you a key that provides a quick and easy way to tap into an application’s records or services—even when that application resides on a different platform or is written in a different language.

Data repository and dictionary.

Our WSI includes a repository that enables users to store, manage and retrieve content from other applications. But before integration can take place, that content needs to be specifically described. We’ve done that work for you, in our repository data dictionary. This out-of-the-box “book” contains the exact properties, associations and constraints of over 100 data fields to simplify data sharing.

Developers’ tools and open technology.

In addition, we also provide a Web Service Definition Language (WSDL), which provides documentation and tools to enable developers to create linkages to and from the WebEquity WSI and associated technologies. After all, the more open we can make our WSI, the easier we make it for developers to extend the usefulness of your WebEquity solution.

Integrate data directly from credit bureau data.

WebEquity provides the ability to automatically access credit bureau data directly into your lending system. You will also benefit from the ability to directly access industry risk models and ratios. Full integration is provided for major reporting organizations, including:

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